first commission

Occasionally I get to visit a large corner cabinet I built in 2001 and see how it’s faring. It belongs to John and Annie Bergin, long-time family friends who live in Seattle.

I’m not sure if the Bergins realized how inexperienced I was when they asked me to build it – at that point I’d apprenticed with a fine furniture maker in Colorado for about a year, and had a year of art school behind me, but it was my first real furniture commission. I used reclaimed Douglas Fir, old wavy glass, antique hardware. I hand cut the dovetails. I kept meticulous notes. What I lacked in experience I made up for in zeal and pure concentration. Every time I see the cabinet I kind of marvel that it turned out the way it did, and that it sits in a corner of their warm, beautiful home like it’s always been there.