from block to flag

A distinct privilege of what I do is being able to see the naked, blank substrates I send out transformed into works of art and design. Case in point, this sweet project masterminded by the dynamic design duo at Always With Honor, Tyler & Elsa Lang.

When the talented Perry Pfister brought this project to me, I initially pointed him to an online source for the blocks. I’ve learned that some jobs are just better left to the machines. But despite the source’s claim that the blank blocks were perfect, they turned out to be too low-quality for the job. So I reconsidered, and set to making a couple hundred of them by hand – a tougher proposition than I initially imagined. But any frustration I had along the way (making small things is sometimes harder than making large ones) was eased by the knowledge that Perry had an even greater task ahead in the printing of all six sides in multiple colors, of which he did an amazing job. The photos attest:

Photos courtesy of Tyler & Elsa Lang, Always With Honor